Poetry Porch: Sonnet Scroll

Sonnet of Remembrance
by Ernesto Livorni
       Translated from the Italian by the author

For Mila
       And your sister still plays the piano
and your nephew chases after your feet
in the house where I left you
and the anxious rhythm of a bygone time.

       And you among the rooms each day live
that dream which we shared and which still,
as a hammer bangs a nail, pounds
my soul, my heart, my chest, every day.

       Certainly bumping into me in the corners
of memory must have surprised you, inhaling
the enveloping atmosphere.

       Perhaps you will laugh if I tell you
that suddenly it now happens this way to me,
as I think of you, and who knows if you know it.

           (Copyright © 1998 by Ernesto Livorni)