Poetry Porch: Poetry


The Holy Family
By Maguerite Bouvard

The Messiah is supposed to have
only one meaning, but one
can be many when there is
an illumination in a dark corner
of the world, and Messiah
is not age related, like the seven-

year-old Messiah and his
older sister Reign which does
not mean queen, but giving
everything she has, to love
and protect. When he was only
four years old and was unable

to walk because of a rare disease,
she played with him, took tender
care of him, and never left
his side. Nor is the Messiah
white as the Western world
portrays him, but the color

of the night sky, with the radiant
stars of his parents: Toka,
who spoke of blessings when
Reign gave him her bone marrow
for a transplant, and Will, who
would visit his hospital room

and sing to him. At home Toka
sang This is the day the Lord made,
and they both gave graciously
from the little they had;
an envelope of money when
a friend lost his job, Burger King

coupons when another person
was laid off, bags of clothes,
for giving was their joy.
But just when Messiah began
to be able to walk, he showed
symptoms of the coronavirus

and died in his hospital bed.
But Messiah and Reign
remain intertwined because
though they were only a few years
on this earth they understood
the meaning of eternity.

Copyright © 2021 by Marguerite Bouvard.