Poetry Porch: Poetry


Arranging pebbles
By D. S. Maolalaí

we look about. that’s
what we generally do.
a while ago
we talked about
getting a place
together. now
we’re doing that,
or looking for one,
at least. I skim the listings
for apartments with garden spaces
and places especially
which specify
dogs are allowed. send her links
to my various listings,
and mention which things
in particular I like about them.
a location in the city
because we can’t survive
in suburbs. pictures with a view
and what bills
are included. like a bird
in a nature documentary,
bending grass
and arranging pebbles. a washing machine
because I don’t like
leaving for laundry. two bedrooms
because we like a little space.

Copyright © 2020 by D. S. Maolalaí.