Poetry Porch: Poetry


By D. S. Maolalaí

sunlight, filtered
through curtains. warm bedclothes
and the warmth
of waking up.
like a puppy
you rub my face
with your face
in the morning. it’s wonderful,
your skin,
your hair and the side
of your face.
so smooth; like the taste
of melted chocolate –
and mine
a little rougher,
a little more
like toblerone.
I’m so lucky
that you use me
for exfoliant. you tell me
I should moisturise
and I do that. tell me
I should shave – I do that
too. you rub my face;
you like it
that way. next morning
rub it again
and like it
that way too.

Copyright © 2020 by D. S. Maolalaí.