Poetry Porch: Poetry


Rain, rain, don’t go away
By Marge Piercy

The seed catalogs have begun
to appear but we’re still harvesting
leeks, Chinese cabbage, Swiss
chard, and parsnips. The cycle

is curving in on itself as months
grow warmer almost every year.
The drought killed bushes, trees,
perennials this year. I worry

this is a dangerous trend.
I have nightmares about fire
in the summer when the woods
are kindling, creeks dry up.

Pitch pines are named because
they burn like torches. Stupid
weather people on TV describe
rain as spoiling a day. I love

rain, the patter, the drumming
on the roof at night, how it washes
the air, the long drink it gives
earth, the gift of liquid life.

Copyright © 2021 by Marge Piercy.