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Reply to “Duet”
by Elizabeth Reeke

March 7, 2011
To Flora from Letitia *

Dear Flora,
Forever your song is woven into my heart;
Do you remember those early years?
Our walks together? . . . our favorite elms and maples, Longfellow House, Mt. Auburn,
the wisteria and lilacs on Linnean?
Through all the seasons and all the variances of light and color,
the birds of the morning and the dusk, oh so sweet was the earth in her beauty!
We shared the deepest questions of our hearts . . . the universe, cosmology,
birth and death and mysticism through the ages;
How desperately I tried to describe those other worlds I walked in;
the immense silence and the soft glow;
And most dear Flora, the joy I knew on finding you understood!

Now, Flora, your presence lingers with me,
Your long skirt and softly falling hair, your gentle but defined words;
The songs from my strings will ever reach out to you,
And in the stillness, may they embrace you.

* Elizabeth Reeke appears as Letitia in Julia’s work.
Copyright © 2011 by Elizabeth Reeke.