Poetry Porch: Poetry


How Do We Love?
By Elizabeth Reeke

The icy cold negativity like a lead weight,
Could absorb no more,
Could hurt no more,
Could love no more.

A mumbled excuse at the table
                       and I left them there in silence,
Moving quickly through the crowded dining room,
Out the door,
Across the deck, down the steps,
Racing for the ocean!

Blinded by tears, I felt the misty rain
                                        cooling my face,
Wet sands tugging at my feet,
Waves smooshing up the beach,
A muffled fog horn calling.

Fresh ocean air!
Salty, soothing, intoxicating, fresh ocean air!
Boats and rigging and gulls calling,
Softening breeze,
Wharf on stilts,
Fog descending.

Copyright © 2020 by Elizabeth Reeke.