Poetry Porch: Poetry


In an Atavistic Country
By Rebecca Seiferle

the earth is  full of a thousand faces
a cliff resembles crocodile skin    a tree opens the eyes
of a leopard's skin    two shells lie side-by-side in the surge
of whatever washed them together    it is the land of yes
another country    where the dragons are small
and bask in any shining    their toes splayed out in ecstasy
as the warm air makes their own blood flow faster
slipping in and out of torpid  shadows    quick tongues
speaking of dust and silence    so the imagination
has such delicacy    hovers at the edge of the grass
and waits for the arrival    o breath held back
of the tiny emperors    full of spikes and crowns

Copyright © 2007 by Rebecca Seiferle.