Poetry Porch: Poetry


Getting Acquainted
By Cammy Thomas

                          – for Geoffrey Nutter

Is this an American tree?
             It must be, itís here.

Where will you sleep tonight?
             In the hotel near the vineyard.

Did you notice the hyacinths?
             Yes, curled like Odysseusí hair.

What have you left behind?
             A scent like Ethiopian chrysolite.

Will you tell me your history?
             When you bring me water cherries.

We must return to the conference.
             Is it in the same hotel?

Yes, and what do you think of it?
             Ugly. What about your room?

Yes, ugly. Room 409, view of a frozen river.
             Some things will melt.

Why pretend in this sidereal time?
             Can we not meet?

Youíd have to use your cloak for a raft.
             Itís done worse than that.

Bring me a sassafras leaf so I recognize you.
             Iíll bring a knife and a looking glass.

Copyright © 2021 by Cammy Thomas.