The Poetry Porch 2023:   Edited by Joyce Wilson

Blue Borderlands

Hollis Street Walking Blues by Allegra Printz (Oil on canvas, 32 by 54 inches). Copyright © by Allegra Printz 2023.

INCLUDING: Ruth Arnison   Michael Ansara   Bruce Bennett   Carl Boon   Shaune Bornholdt   Barbara Siegel Carlson   Nancy Cherico   Richard Dey   William Doreski   K. E. Duffin   Patricia Hamilton   Helen K. Heineman   Robert K. Johnson   Jennifer Schomburg Kanke   David Landon   Mary Ann Larkin   Jenna Le   Chris O’Carroll   Dzvinia Orlowsky   Alexander Pepple   Sharon Portnoff   Phil Powrie   Denise Provost   Mykyta Ryzhykh   Hilary Sallick   Carla Schwartz   Kevin Shyne   Joan S. Soble   Michael Todd Steffen   Tim Suermondt   Dan Tobin   Paulette Demers Turco   Joyce Wilson  
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In Memoriam: Patricia Callan   

Links: Voices from Ukraine  

Three by Carl Boon:
       We Lived in Smyrna
Three by Barbara Siegel Carlson:
       The Current
       Some Unearthly Grace
       The Way of Leaves
Two by Hilary Sallick:
       All day long I waited
But No One Comes by Kevin Shyne
Two by Sharon Portnoff:
       Odysseus Among Strangers
       Hallowe’en Poem
Four after Rilke by Daniel Tobin
Christmas 1995 by Michael Ansara
Two by Helen Heineman:
       About Angels
       Backyard Baffler
Two by Joan S. Soble:
       Grotto Green
       Androscoggin Riverwalk
Two by Ruth Arnison:
       Journal for SS
       A Porridge Morning
Two by Mary Ann Larkin:
       The Lost Sailors of the Reuben James
Two by Tim Suermondt:

Three by Dzvinia Orlowsky:
       Without Makeup
       To Winter
Three by William Doreski:
       Living on the Borderland
       Red Lilies: A Still Life
       Our Friends from Sweden
Two by Michael Todd Steffen:
       Peach Cobbler
Two by Robert K. Johnson:
       In My Ninetieth Year
       On My Patio, Nonetheless
Three by Carla Schwartz:
       The Mouse Nesting in Our Grill
       Winter Fugue
“O Baker Farm!” by Shaune Bornholdt
Two by Nancy Cherico:
       Blood Roses
A Sequence of Poems by Mykyta Ryzhykh
Exhaling by Patricia Hamilton
At the Tracy Park KIA-MIA Memorial
     by Jennifer Schomburg Kanke

Venus at Twilight by Joyce Wilson
Five by Richard Dey:
       To a Guillemot
       The Music of Ledges
       Rogue Island Mermaid
       The Maddening Sea
       Elegy Sketched in an Estuary Cove

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Sonnet Scroll

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