The Poetry Porch 2020:   Edited by Joyce Wilson


Reed Rhapsody, by Allegra Printz. Copyright © by Allegra Printz (oil on canvas, 22 by 46 inches).

INCLUDING: Bruce Bennett   Patricia Callan   Terese Coe   Barbara Siegel Carlson   Paul Chandler   Krikor Der Hohannesian    Richard Dey   Owen Doyle   Richard Fein   Rebecca Kaiser Gibson   Nels Hanson   Joanne Joseph   George Kalogeris   Marcia Karp   Kathleen Kirk   David Landon   D. S. Maolalaí   David P. Miller   Sheila Murphy   James B. Nicola   Marge Piercy   Elizabeth Reeke   Ted Richer   Merryn Rutledge   Michael Todd Steffen   Hilary Sallick   B. E. Stock   Cammy Thomas   Kelley Jean White   Jay Wickersham   Joyce Wilson  

And the Book Read Me by Jay Wickersham
The People I Am Closest To by Owen Doyle
Two by Hilary Sallick:
       At the Top of the Hill
Two by Cammy Thomas:
Two by David Miller:
       How Coffee Found Me
       One Place in New England
The House in Repair by Marcia Karp
Five by D. S. Maolalaí:
       Storm Brendan
       Arranging pebbles
       The teabag
       A boil
Three by Rebecca Kaiser Gibson:
       Like Zeus
       Basin Wild Rye
       2 A.M. at Fourteen
The House for Rent by Nels Hanson
Three by George Kalogeris:
       Down to the Cellar
       Chopping Block
Four by Marge Piercy:
       We have rabbits
       How did it happen to us?
       I swim in weather
       Get out of me
Barbarians by Ted Richer

Three by Krikor N. Der Hohannesian:
       Sand Castle
       Panhandler’s Song
Four by Barbara Siegel Carlson:
       Intimate Stranger
       Arthur (Boo) Radley Speaks
Two by Richard Fein:
       Farewell, Jacobo and Paulina
Three by Sheila Murphy:
       Sestina from Steerage
       Low Sounds: Meditation from Chair L
Three by Richard Dey:
       Lines Written on Watch
       Words for the Exxon Valdez
Two by Kelley Jean White:
       Marcus and Mark
Four by Merryn Rutledge:
       Seeing at Night
       Red-winged Blackbirds Return
       At the Shore after Long Absence
       Influenza, October 1918
Four by Elizabeth Reeke:
       How Do We Love?
       Of Paddles and Moonlight
       The Way It Was/ Epilogue
       Conversations with My Tears

PROSE:   Editor’s NOTE
SPECIAL FEATURE: The Sonnet Scroll

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