The Poetry Porch 2022:   Edited by Joyce Wilson


Balbeck, Lebanon, December 20, 2021,
at the Archeolgoical Museum, by KWG.

INCLUDING: Bruce Bennett   Jean Biegun   Lorna Knowles Blake   Shaune Bornholdt   Polly Brown   Mary Buchinger   Barbara Siegel Carlson   Maria Ceferatti   Thomas DeFreitas   Chard deNiord   William Doreski   Vincent Dorio   Donna Emerson   K. Michelle E'toile   Leila Farjami   Richard Fein   Bridget Seley Galway   Helen K. Heineman   Robert K. Johnson   Robert Knox   Jean L. Kreiling   David Landon   D. S. Maolalai   David P. Miller   Sheila Murphy   James B. Nicola   Marge Piercy   Sharon Portnoff   Denise Provost   Ted Richer   Hilary Sallick   Joan S. Soble   Michael Todd Steffen   W. Arnold Yasinski   Joyce Wilson  
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In Memoriam: Louisa Solano    Ted Richer    Links: Voices from Ukraine  

Lorna Doone: Novels, Names, and Biscuits , an essay by Lorna Knowles Blake.    If By Song by Marcia Karp and Tremors by Cammy Thomas, reviewed by Joyce Wilson.

Seven by William Doreski:
       The Box-Man Cometh
       At the Fireworks Factory
       The Winter Variant Arrives
       Metal Detecting
       The Tiny People
       Sea Rise in the City
       From This Angle or That
Three by Thomas DeFreitas:
       Psalm for C
       A Meditation
Two by Hilary Sallick:
       Our Project
Three by Robert Knox:
       Veil of Tears
       Birds of Winter
       No One Expects the Barbarians
Eight Movements in a Life by Robert K. Johnson
Five by Marge Piercy:
       Her miscarriage
       It's hard to explain
       A fleeting shadow
       A statue at the party
       My wishes swim like fishes
A Saddle for Aunt Pat by Michael Todd Steffen
Resilience by Jean L. Kreiling
Fragile Child by Bridget Seley Galway
Murmuration by Joan S. Soble
Two by Mary Buchinger:
       The Day My Father Died
       The Demolition of the Old Hotel
Six by Richard Fein:
       What do you know?
       From My Study
       The Scholar
       The Veil
       Trains and Old Movies

Seven by Helen Heineman:
       Self Portrait
       First Encounters
       Maraschino Cherries
       If. . .
       Ineffable Loss
Three by Bruce Bennett:
       Brief History
       The Call
       My Own
Love Affair with Piano by Donna Emerson
A Grand Tour by Sharon Portnoff
A Forest Remnant by Barbara Siegel Carlson
Two by Chard DeNiord:
       This Was My Test
       From Beneath the Oak Tree
A Sequence of Five Poems by Vincent Dorio
The Light Within by K. Michelle E'toile
Woman Retreatant Perusing the Convent Library by Jean Biegun
Three by D. S. Maolalai:
       Light, falling like oranages
       How can you write?
       A cast iron railing
Two by Leila Farjami:
       Grind and Whirl
Two by W. Arnold Yasinski:
       Ursa Minor
Eight by Ted Richer:
       A Speck of Earth
       Pray to Whom

SPECIAL FEATURE: The Sonnet Scroll

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